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Murphy, the pug.

February 14, 2011
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We’re a pug family.

BF and I got Murphy last June when he was a tiny puppy. We trucked out to rural PA and picked him up at a very interesting Amish-like farm. I became totally nervous when it was clear that everyone was in long sleeved dresses and long pants when it was nearly 98 degrees out, no one talked except the father, and I was stared at in my shorts and tank top… but Murphy was too cute to resist.

Little Murphy

I grew up with dogs (schnauzers and then a lab), but have found that raising one and having full responsibility is completely different then being one of 3 children pitching in. BF and I didn’t sleep through the night the first month, I’ve cleaned up more dog poop than I thought was possible, and going home for lunch every day was a major change. I thought I’d never be one of those people who goes to pug-meet-ups, posts pictures of their dogs online, and sets up puppy-play dates, but here I am. I’m surprised Murphy even knows his name, considering we call him: Murphydog, Murphalurph, Puppster, Puppalup, Pugbug, Googles, Googely, etc. I will try my best to avoid putting any type of clothing on him, but no promises.

I’m really happy he’s in our lives and now love: snorting, curly tails, big sappy eyes and all the new things I learn about Murph-dog daily. I plan to obnoxiously post about him on my blog, since he’s a huge part of my life right now and he is hilarious!

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