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Recommended Read: How to Design a Proper Banner – One That Actually Works

March 4, 2011

As someone who is still in the beginner-phase of designing web banners, I found this article helpful. I’ll admit, my goal and major role has been to make them beautiful and eye-catching. This piece helped to remind me that there is a lot involved in the strategy behind every banner. Copy, Color, Placement — building on some of the basics I already know. In adding web skills to my toolkit, I’m still finding some of these tips (which are probably fundamentals to most people) very helpful. For example:

There’s just one trick I want to share with you. There are two colors that usually work exceptionally well: orange and blue.

Orange is great for all kinds of buttons (if you don’t believe me just visit amazon). That’s because orange is the most noticeable color right after red. However, it doesn’t raise all the negative emotions red does (things like “stop”, “look out!”, and “danger”).

Also, be sure to check out the Color links within the article. You can never know too much about color!

This post was found via a @VandelayDesign tweet. Thanks!

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