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Recommended Read: 5 Common Blogging Problems, and How to Overcome Them

March 28, 2011

AAaaaaaaaand speaking of Blogging — after I posted last week, I saw this great article via the twitter user @VandelayDesign. I like it because the problems are common, and they offer multiple solutions to fix them! The piece is well written, straight forward, and detailed. Take a peek, let me know what you think.

5 Common Blogging Problems, and how to Overcome Them

2. Not Enough Traffic

Possibly the most frustrating challenge for many bloggers is trying to attract more visitors. In fact, most bloggers don’t give very much thought to how they will attract visitors until after the blog has been launched and they find that not many people are visiting. Regardless of how much traffic you have, you’ll always want more. But for new blogs this can be a discouraging problem to face, and it’s one that leads many bloggers to give up and stop blogging.

This is a topic that is far too involved to cover in depth in this blog post, but here are a few proven methods for getting visitors and bringing life to a struggling blog.

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  1. Rachael permalink
    March 28, 2011 8:43 PM

    Thanks for putting up the link to that troubleshooting site. I wrote my first blog today and I think the information and tips will be very useful as I write my blog. Thanks!

    • March 28, 2011 8:45 PM

      Excellent! I’m happy it helped. If you have a twitter account you should definitely follow them, they post neat stuff quite often!

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