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Screw. Zippers.

March 30, 2011

I spent 3 hours (THREE. HOURS.) trying to sew a zipper into a dress last night. Not even a full size dress, a dress I’m making for my 3 year old niece… so a small zipper for a small person. The kicker is, I couldn’t even finish it by myself! After taking out the stitches on the last half of the zipper for the 2nd time, and than having the machine jam up on me 2x, my instructor had to finish it for me so I could finish my project next week. I was so frustrated— close to tears, standing off to the side with my arms crossed, brow furrowed, looking like an upset child.

Now I sympathize with my sewing friends Amy and Rachel, who tackled the zippers last week and lived to talk about it. Very harrowing experience.

On the bright side, I’ve learned to gather dresses, do a bodice lining, sort-of read the basics of a pattern, and more! Stay tuned to see how I triumph when I post pictures to the two matching dresses I will (hopefully) have finished within the next two weeks.

Also, I am taking this as a serious challenge. I’m going to show zippers who’s boss, by buying a lot and sewing them all in, until I am ZIPPER MASTER!

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