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Photoshop for April Fools’ Day

April 1, 2011

It all began on Monday when we were coming up with some ideas for facebook posts for the company page this week. I pointed out that April Fools’ Day was on Friday, and was given the responsibility of coming up with an idea. I discovered there are two schools of thought on April 1st:

  1. A believable tale the dupes everyone and at the end of the day you reveal as false, essentially a “I gotcha!”
  2. An unbelievable idea that gets people to laugh and have fun

I’ve always understood #1 to be how April Fools’ Day goes down. The shrink-wrap on the toilet seat gag, the announcement of a false-engagement, etc. I presented 4 ideas to my coworkers, ranging from adding a new creative, fun service to our business to someone leaving to follow their dream job as a video-game tester (which actually is someone’s dream job). They shot back the idea of piggy-backing on the famous Direct TV’s ad Campaign, which we have spent some time watching and re-watching, leading us all to covet the Petite Giraffe. And just so you know, a few co-workers even thought for a few moments that there really were petite giraffes, as the web site does an amazing job at looking legit. They even have a giraffe-24hour-video where Petite Giraffes appear! Genius. So I figured out a way to tie the two ideas together for a little bit of visual fun.

Here’s the initial write up:

(Company Name) + “Petite Lap Giraffes!” Our new client needs creative print materials to support their booming business demands. Most exciting of all, we has gained our very own lap giraffe as a signing bonus. We are overjoyed to have her in our office today! Stop by to say hello to Dottie, we sure aren’t going to get a lot of work done today with her wandering around the office!

Thursday afternoon I posted a teaser on FB: “BIG NEWS! Very exciting development in the office today. Stay tuned for more information…”, and we took about 20 pictures around the office. This morning I spent a good bit of time finding giraffes via the google images search, photo-shopping them out of their respective backgrounds, and placing them into the work pictures. Adding the shadows and making the lighting consistent, and taking out the grass that overlapped onto the giraffes took quite a bit of time. Good thing my workload was super light today 🙂 I’ve attached the before and afters, just for fun. In hindsight, the second giraffe is a bit bigger than the first, oh well.

Who says work is a total bore? Not me!

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