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Recommended Read: Be More Creative (By Asking More Creative Questions)

April 22, 2011

First, follow @Zingzone on Twitter. Sam Harrison is a phenom and blew me away at the HOW Conference last year. He’s a constant source of great information and is a true professional inspiration.

His article, recently posted on the web site, is full of juicy tips on how to use questions to your advantage in order to create solutions. He uses wonderful examples in each point he makes. My favorite thing about Mr. Harrison is that he expects a lot from you. He expects you to do your homework (not the client), to dig deeper, to stay focused, and to be responsible. Thank you Sam Harrison for expecting everyone to step up the plate, no shortcuts!

The good news is designers typically have lots of questions racing around their brains. After all, highly creative people are passionately curious people. But the bad news is we sometimes fail to ask those questions out loud. Or perhaps we don’t ask the right questions at the right time. Or maybe we don’t ask them to the right people.

Here are a few ways to polish your questioning…

If you like this article, you’ll love his books. Check them out here. Highly recommended.

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