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Recommended Read: Stop Apologizing for Who You Are

May 20, 2011

I thought this article was awesome. I have started to notice this past month that I always apologize for who I am, and from the zeitgeist this article fell into my lap. How timely.

Things I apologize for, and will strive not to in the future:

  • Science Fiction. I like it, I read it, I follow blogs about it. Deal with it people – I find it super interesting.
  • Web Design. Or rather, wanting to learn more about web, despite having a job primarily focused on print. I think it’s important, and though outside my scope of responsibilities I’m willing to work harder and longer hours towards a brighter future for myself.
  • Saving the Moneys. I save save save money. Because I want to buy a house, a car, and retire as soon as possible. No, I can’t eat out all the time, or go to every happy hour, or have new clothes like a lot of my friends. That’s the way it is.
  • Video Games. I’ve played them since I was little, and I realize it’s nerdy, but you know, that’s who I am. I enjoy it.
  • Social Media. You know what? It isn’t a waste of time. Again, this is where the future and the most profitable company are invested, and thus where the future is headed. So get on board friends, and stop making fun of people who are interested.
  • Limited Social Hours. I have to go home after work. Not being able to go out with my friends as often as I’d like because I have to go home after work is a bummer. I can’t leave my dog in the crate 24 hours a day, and he’s not yet responsible enough to be left out. I feel bad on both accounts, but having a happy dog takes priority and I can’t apologize for it anymore.

Anyways, check out Jeffrey Platt’s article and stop apologizing. (/rant)

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  1. Kim permalink
    May 30, 2011 10:00 PM

    All too true!

  2. June 10, 2011 2:27 PM

    SyFy is awesome. Never apologize for that. Those guys gave ideas for real science to expand and now we have pads just like in Star Trek! And the guys are kind of cute, too. 🙂

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