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Confidence Today!

March 9, 2012

A long over-do hello! Found this great article via twitter, and thought I’d share.

The article, “How to Find your Freelance Confidence Today”, is obviously geared more towards those employed in freelance… but any article about confidence and life management is always good to read, no matter what your employment situation or job is.

My favorite part, which is something I think everyone should do (if you don’t already):

Your compliments file–Every freelancer should keep a compliments file. These are comments (emails, tweets, wall posts, etc.) that others make about you that you find to be uplifting.

I picked up this really great life-tip from my freshmen year college RA. As an RA (a job I also held later on), you deal with a lot of ups-and-downs. She had a manilla envelope of all the positive feedback, nice personal notes, and in general kind words she had received. Whenever life got her down, she just read herself a few items from the envelope, placed them back in, and felt so much better about herself.

I keep a folder in my email dedicated to positive feedback — it works wonders on tough days!


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