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Invisalign: First Thoughts.

April 20, 2012

So I got Invisalign on Wednesday. I’ve been thinking about it for years, saving for years, and been to at least 4 different consultations (sometimes with the same Orthodontist). I finally found the “right fit” ortho., and now I’m wearing my trays. Here are my first thoughts:

They are hard as a MF to get on and off my top teeth, which is where the most movement is happening. I say MF, because underneath my fingernails is sore from trying to pry them off. Ouch. I equate it to when you first get contacts, and it takes you 20 min. to get them on and off properly… but then 1 yr later you’re a master. Maybe one day getting these trays off won’t be such a B.

My teeth don’t hurt at all, and I don’t have a lisp, and no one at work has even noticed I’m wearing them. So what you hear about that is totally true.

If you are struggling with weight, you should totally get Invisalign! Not really, that’d be a hella-expensive diet… but it does have diet factors, those being:

  • Its too big of a pain in the ass to get these trays in and out beyond breakfast, lunch and dinner, so there is no snacking. And if you DO snack, you’re supposed to go take out the trays, snack, then brush your teeth and put them back in. Really makes you think twice about having a handful of trail mix.
  • You are only supposed to drink clear liquid (water) while wearing your trays. No coffee, no soda, not even white wine. Because, again, you have to go through the whole rigmarole and I’m not skilled enough with my trays yet. But it’s an easy way to start drinking those 8 cups of water you’re supposed to be drinking anyways, right?
  • Once my trays go in, they stay in, until its meal time. No going back.

That’s my report for now. In 1.5 weeks I have to put a new tray in, and I will let you know how that goes. Hopefully it’ll still be sort of tricky so I don’t stay a little piggy forever 🙂 Kidding, again.

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